What is Google Sets ?

Google sets is one of the Google Labs Project. A very powerful tool most of the people think its discontinued but its is not. Google Sets still exist. It has just moved to Your Google Drive. Yes..You are in Luck…

Google Sets is a Keyword tool which generates similar items by just typing  a few example words.

Steps to Access google sets how to using it.

1)Login to Google & Open your Google Drive. 2)Create a new spreadsheet and name it as GoogleSets. 3) In the Column “A” Line 1 of spreadsheet type “ant” and on Line 2 type “bite” google-sets











4) Now Select the 2 rows, Press CTRL and drag it by pulling it from right botton corner as shown.













5)See what happens now in the image above.

Google sets generate a set of relevant words which you can use to improve your AD relevance or Keyword relevance and this helps improve overall Campaign/Adgroup performance and hence improve CTR and Revenue.

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Important factors to consider while writing a Great Ad Copy for Google Adwords.

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What is the Ideal Keyword density for a website to rank top in Google Search ?

Matt Cutts helps to understand this Topic. Very Good one…

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What are Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and How they win over Adwords and Oranic Listings ?

Do a google search for any product. Lets do a search for “Buy Lcd Tvs” See what results are shown below image.









The Google Ads occoupy more space on the Search results page (SERP’s) over 75% page space of what you see initially. You will notice that the commercial google ads on top (Top Ads) and Image Ads on right hand side are getting most of the attention than the organic results, and the Image Ads get more attention than the PPC Ads.

If you scroll down the page then you get to see the organic listings. The Image ads that you see are called as the (PLA’s) Product Listing Ads. They are very compelling because of the information they provide. The info displayed is The name of product, image & Price  and where they can order it from.

The PLA’s (Product listing Ads) make it very simple for the searchers who are at the end of the buying cycle (especially research phase)and know what they really want, and because the Ad shows exactly what the people are looking for they are more likely to convert when they click on the PLA.

So all online businesses should remember your competitors have PLA’s in place and if you dont have Product Listing Ads for your online ecommerce business you are definately loosing out the customers and conversions. So get your PPC consultant to act quickly and run the PLA’s now.

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A conversion occurs when a visitor clicks on your Ad and this leads to a desired user activity or behaviour you consider as desired example:

Newsletter signup Lead generation Purchase

Google provides 2 metrics to measure converions… 1-per-click and many-per-click

This helps us understand how many conversions have resulted from the number of clicks on your ads.

1-per-click conversion We count (1 per click) conversion when a ad click results in a conversion within 30 days. This means if more than 1 conversion occurs following single Ad Click , then only first conversion counts and conversions after the first conversion are not counted.

Many-per-click conversion We count (many per click) conversion when a ad click results in many conversions within 30 days. This means if more than 1 conversion occurs following single Ad Click , then all the conversions counts if within the 30 days.

Easy Example of … 1-Per-Click Conversions vs. Many-Per-Click Conversions:

Assume you have a conversion tag on feedback form thank you page  and another on a Order confirmation or Thank you page. If a user clicks on one of your ads, fills feedback form and then decides to order a product and reaches the “Thank You” page, you in turn will receive:

Conversions (1-per-click): 1 Conversions (many-per-click): 2

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Every website has its own Advertising goal for example: 1) Make sale 2) Increase website traffic 3) Increase sales 4) Newsletter sign ups ., and much much more.

Within Adwords Conversion tracking is the most common way to track these actions performed by your visitors. With Conversion-tracking  we can understand the clicks our ADs receive and visits our website receive from Google Ads are turning into actual conversions. This can help is to take appropriate and necessary actions to optimize our adwords account.

We assume that you have access to your web page Code where you can paste a few lines of code that we generate in steps below. This code needs to be pasted in the page such as a ” thank you ” page or ” order confirmation “ page. Why these pages ??? Ans: Its because these are the final pages which are displayed upon filling out a feedback form or after placing an successful order on a website.

Below i will show how to Set up Adwords Conversion Tracking in Few easy steps.

Step 1)








Login to your Adwords account and click on the Tools and Analysis tab. Then click on the Conversions drop down.

Step 2) conversion-tracking-2







Click on +Conversions as highlighted.

Step 3)








Now on screen as above enter a Name and select Webpage option and then hit “save & continue”


Step 4) conversion-tracking-4









On this page that shows up

select an appropriate category, markup language, conversion value, and if you select the option a message will be displayed to the site visitors and this can be changed by modifying the settings. You can also choose not to show this tracking message to users by selecting the other option “.

Finally click “Save and continue”

Step 5) The screen that shows up gives you a code which you will be asked to  paste between the <body></body> tags of the page you’d like to track.

And thats it. You are ready to track your conversions using Conversion Tracking using Adwords. Once you’ve added the Conversion Tracking code to your site, it can take up to 24 hours before conversions appear in your AdWords account. By Sunil Datar

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The Best Internet marketing Strategies tried tested and reliable to work.

Internet Marketing / Email Marketing

Three steps to a successful website.

1. Get a great website. If you have a website but not so great revamp it. Its worth it. 2. Keep your visitors Engaged and finally convert them to customers. 3. Follow up with your customers via email marketing and keep in touch, build credibility and convince your visitors that don’t buy now.Building an follow up system and email marketing campaigns can have an great impact on improving future sales and profits for you business. You keep your business name alive in your customers minds and build a solid relationship and customer loyalty over time. You donot let Customers think of any other service providers except YOURS.

Website Design

Your website is considered your online representative for your business. Would you ever think of hiring a shabby or a poorly dressed poorly performing business executive / representative to represent your business. So why would you settle for a poorly dressed and poorly performing website ? If you are going to spend on a business and to drive traffic to your website, you better have a great website. If you donot have a great website visitors will just bounce back from the page they landed or they might walk out of the website without a purchase. It is better have solid search engine optimization ( SEO ) and it should perform well in turning visitors into customers.

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Looking to Integrate a Shopping cart into your website or do you want to recreate a new website with a Shopping cart ?

Having a shopping cart integrated on your website is not as easy as it appears.  There are variety os shopping cart solutions available in market. Some of them have a free Basic installation and they charge a fee for individual modules. While some charge monthly fee.

All the available shopping carts have there advantages and dis advantages. You can note down all the important features you will need for your shopping cart along with your budget and ask the developer to find a perfect match to suit your needs.

Here are a few online shopping carts as mentioned below…

Volusion Shopify Shopping Cart Elite Ashop Commerce Bigcommerce 3DCart SunShop ShopSite Pro Pinnacle Cart Prestashop X-Cart

The most preferred one is Prestashop shopping cart. This has better scalability and has a big user base and has a lots and loads of modules to fit in the framework.

If you need help in installing a perfect shopping cart please feel free to contact me at adgeniuscanada@gmail.com I offer best website services in Canada at affordable rates. Shopping cart Plans start from $1399/- onwards.

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