Structured Data in terms to Search engines and Websites refers to formatting the information on website/webpage in a way that a Search Engine Understands. The Major Search engines such as Google / Yahoo / Bing use the Structured Data to filter the search results and display relevant results based on search queries. This gives the users the result they are really looking for and creates a good user experience.

All webpages have a specific meaning and reason to be up there on a website. Search engines are intellegent but they are not humans and hence they have a limited understanding of the content it finds on a web page.

For example: Consider an word “plane”. We can understand by the context of web page what the word plane means. If it means an Air Plane or a Flat surface. But the Search engine can not interpret the actual meaning in this context. Hence the search engine may not display relevant result for a query with word plane. Hence we use Structured Data Markup on web page for explaining the search engines what the context is all about.

You can use the Google Webmasters Tools to create the markup but has its own limitations as there are over 100′s of caregories to choose from but google has about 10 Categories only.

I can help you create structured data markup on your website.  I am an expert in Creating Structured Data markup from Toronto / Mississauga.

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Landing Page Optimization (How to and Tips)

When you have a website. You definitely have a Contact form or a specific page on your website that performs certain activities of fulfills a certain goal. Example: A contact form (This form needs to be filled in by someone who lands here). This generates a business lead.

There are times when the page where a visitor lands is not doing its determined task. In this case visitors are not filling in the form. Hence no business leads are generated. This directs us to address this situation where we need to make certain changes in the Landing page so the visitors when land on the page perform the task and goal completes.

Tip on Optimizing a Landing page:

1) Send visitors to specific targetted pages.

2)Provide your visitors a coherent experience.

3)Make sure your visitors know where on the website they are.( Something like sitemap – Breadcrumb Navigation)

4)Segment your User / traffic

5)Be sure the Landing Page has only necessary content. Not too confusing and uncluttered.

6) Keep Least reading on the Landing page. And come to the point in short and sweet way.

7) Be above the fold.

8) Maintain Congruence Make sure every element on the page maintains Congruence towards goal.

9)Enable Sharing of this page on social media.

10) Show a address or Phone # on landing page. This shows that your organisation is legitimate.

Get in touch with me to get complete tips and consultation to get your Landing Page Optimized for High Conversion rate.

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Every business has a website & Every website needs targeted Visitors from a specific city/Niche/Industry/Country/Zip.  I am a Search Engine Optimization Professional from Toronto. I optimize websites to rank Top 10 in search engines for given specific Keywords / Key phrases related to your industry/ website. Ranking top 10 in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) is not by chance. This requires up to date knowledge and experience in SEO industry. There are over a 100 factors which determines how your website will be ranked in results. If major of these factors are taken care of your website ranks in page 1.

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How Google Authorship Helps websites on Search Engines.





Above is a screen shot of what Google Authorship is and How the results on SERP’s look like using Google Authorship. Why would you not want Google Authorship ? Well some website owners donot want to have the Google Authorship done, but there are Advantages of having Google Authorship.

1) Gain More Real Estate on Search Results page. Thus more visibility.

2) Get your Personal picture appear besides results. Your Picture next to the article will generate trust and confidence. More likely to be Clicked than other results. Also personalises the result.

3)Helps reduce and combat Plagiarism When you, as the original author, APPLY authorship markup to your website / web page , the scraper’s will be identified by Google algorithm and your content will be given priority over the scrapers in the search results.

4)Quicker Indexing: SEOmoz published the article, “Google Authorship and the Fast Track to Better Rankings: A Case Study, by Jeff Sauer [February 11, 2013] indicating, “The sooner that you connect Google+ authorship to a new domain, the sooner you will be indexed.”

So there is no second thought on implementing Google authorship markup on your website. You got to do it now. It is cumulative. The earlier you do it to your website the better.

Note: It is very frustrating as the process is very confusing and the profile picture does not show up for naive SEO professionals who do not have enough experience. Its better to do the Google Authorship the right way instead of feeling frustrated.

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Where and Why do we use Hashtags ?

Hash-tag is a word in social discussion that begins with a # sign. Also called a s a Metadata Tag.

Adding # before a word like as in #Rugby makes it a Hashtag. Hashtags are widely used on social networks. They let you associate a Word with a Larger topic or a group or a conversation. It is like adding keywords to your message and making in searchable globally. Hashtags provide a means of grouping messages, since one can search for the hash-tag and get the set of messages that contain it.

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Importance of Social Media?

Social media is a platform where people connect to each other to share views / ideas / whats happening. People donot come on social media platforms to Buy or sell anything but to share views. But let me tell you that does not mean social media can not be used as a marketing medium. Social media can be really used as a Primary medium to market your goods if a creative approach is been used to motivate masses towards your products / Company.

There are Thousands of social networking sites out there. Facebook, Twitter , Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Social Reviews, Pinterest…. Many many more.

Facebook is the Social networking website where statistics show that an individual spends over 400 minutes a month on Facebook.

Youtube is a Media Sharing platform where people search for videos (Howto’s, Tutorials…)

Tumbler is a aMashup between Pinterest and Twitter with multimedia integration as opposed to Twitter alone.

Twitter is a idea sharing microblogging site.

Let me tell you all the above Social media sites are the starting point for most of the users, as they then move over to other sites by Links / sharing etc.

I am a (SMM ) Social Media Marketing Consultant from Toronto / Mississauga  and can help you and your business to achieve your online goals using Social Media. Make sure to read our other topics in Social Media Marketing section where you can learn how the different Social media Platforms can benefit your business when done in the right way.

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Google Redirects based on Country

Lets Begin with a example: If you are based in Canada and when you type in have you noticed what exactly happens ? Some of you might have noticed that Google redirects you to Thsi is because Google Tracks your IP address and based on your Location it will show you the most appropriate Google search engine.

Why does google redirect you to your countries Google Search Engine ? That’s because Google wants to show you the most relevant search results for all the users and have a great User experience for everyone (Web surfers / Advertisers) and maintain a healthy Search Result.

Well this can be bypassed as well using NCR (No Country Redirect)

Now if you are in Canada as per previous discussion and you type in You will be taken to GOOGLE USA.

Thats what Google NCR is all about. To know more Getin touch with me. By email:

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Speak about your Brand and Expand your reach online. I am a Digital marketing Consultant who offers all that you need to have a successful online presence. Increase targeted traffic to your website and attract new customers. Improve your search engine rankings to rank top in SERP’S. Publishing online content and videos on social networking sites / Youtube. Our services exist to help you Build and strengthen and grow your business Online. SEO is a mixed effort. Better SEO includes not just better content, but onsite and offisite optimization as well. Everything goes hand in hand to get your website a Top position on search engines.

Shoot me an email at , I offer Affordable search engine optimization service and pay per click management (PPC) at reasonable rates. I work on Contract basis with companies (Small / Medium / Large). What ever size company you may be i can tailor a suitable SEO plan / PPC campaign and budget structure exactly for your needs and online success.

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