Best Way to Learn Google Analytics is to Learn One On One.

I am a Internet marketing Specialist from Toronto/Mississauga and can get you started with understanding Google Analytics very well.

Google Analytics can be overwhelming when you look at it for the first time or you Look at it without understanding. Finally you will start hating it.:-(

I can help you understand following within Google Analytics and you can be independent and confident at working on Google Analytics. Please Email me if you are interested. My course is one on one and i provide self made material which is very easy to understand. My teaching material and notes are unlike Google or other complex notes.

Training starts on 10th  January 2014. Venue: Your place. Total Days Training: 3 Total Hours Teaching :3.0 to 3.5  hours in a day. Fees: $650 only.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or course contents.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+

SEO for Restaurants.

A Restaurant is a Local Entity and the Key Factor to get a High Rank for Restaurant Website is to do a Good Local SEO. Follow the simple checklist towards your Restaurant, Hotel, Motel SEO.

1) Make sure you register your google places account. 2) If your Google places page listing already exist and is unclaimed by you, please claim it. 3) Fill in the Google Places details very accurately to avoid any pitfalls. 4) Claim your citations listings. 5) Effecient research on Keywords. 6) Optimize each and every page with google guidelines.(Meta , H tags, Bolds) 7) Create a sitemap and robots and submit.

Follow the steps. Well each step is to be done with great care to get best out of your efforts.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Medium business to get Good LOCAL SEO results.

SEO for Florist:

Usually a Local florist is a small Local business and needs a very effective SEO to rank well, since there are many Online Florist companies without a real physical presence who spend a lot to dominate to stay on Top Positions. Hence a Local florist is usually discouraged as they need to spend a Lot on SEO to rank well or to keep up the rank.

Some Good Tips for Florist to rank well for Local SEO.

1) Focus on Google Places Listing. Get it well done and optimized. Make sure you get good reviews on your Google Places. Be proactive with getting good reviews. It takes time. Out of 10 customers only 2 give reviews.

2)Make sure you have your Quality Citations for your website. Citations are basically the mentions of your name, address, and phone number (NAP).  To Google, they increase your business’s relevance to and  prominence in a specific city or region.

3)Focus on meta tags and get unique tags for each specific page. Have your pages designed with users in mind  and not the search engines. Dont exceed meta titles over 55 characters.

4)Social media is important for the social signals they create for Search Engines. Focus on Social media for Florist. Get on Facebook, Pinterest, instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.

5)Backlinks from Similar content but authority websites helps. Write on someone elses blogs.

Make sure to do all correctly to get the best online results. Doing it the wrong way may hurt your business.

Feel free to email me for any Professional SEO needed for your website or need a Website redesigned. Florist website  Search Engine Optimization.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Local business to get Good SEO results and Flourish Online.

Search Engine Optimization for Escort-Agencies and similar Businesses.

For a Escort Company Website to Rank High in Google is the same concept and principles as ranking any other website. In most of  the cases SEO Ranking of the Escorts company usually is an issue since it is not done by a SEO professional.

Google algorithms change and hence a SEO professional who works on the Search engine Optimization needs to know the latest trends in SEO and plan the SEO strategy for Escorts website accordingly.

Cetrain factors to consider while doing Escorts SEO. 1)Sitemap 2)robots 3)onsite optimization 4)offsite optimization 5)white hat seo 6)google places

and many many more factors to consider….

Feel free to email me for any Professional SEO needed for your website. Have a good experience on escort website  Search Engine Optimization.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Medium business to get Good SEO results.

SEO for Mortgage Companies / Agents.

Why do most of the Mortgage company websites donot show up in Google search results and Loose good amount of business to competitor Mortgage Companies with good SEO ?

SEO done by professionals and SEO done by individuals differ in results.

SEO professionals know the latest Search Engine techniques and are familiar with google algorithm that get your website ranked High. Spending a few hundred dollars and getting the SEO done by professionals is real good idea as it pays off in long run.

Good SEO involves many many factors which needs to be done the right way.

In these Days Getting good SEO done  =  Big Business for your organisation.

Best Mortgage SEO in Toronto, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Niagara and GTA.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Medium business to get Good SEO results at affordable cost.

What is Local seo marketing and Best way to improve Local SEO ranking.

Local SEO Optimization involves increasing business / website visibility in certain geographical region or for Some geographical Keywords. Googles Local algorithm determines how your website ranks Locally and for Local keywords.

To Improve your Local Search Rankings Follow these 4 steps and you get High Rank Locally on your Search Engine.

1)On Page Local SEO This is first Local SEO optimization factor you should consider while writing your page content. Include your NAP – !! what is NAP ? oKAY NAP is Name Address and Phone Number. Placing this contact information influnces about 20% of Local SEO Rank.

2)Off page Local SEO These are also called as External Location Signals in terms of SEO. Having your NAP in Local Business Directories  like Yellow pages , Yelp, Zagat or in Canada,  can determine about another 18% your Local SEO rank.

3)Social Signals Google+, Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc may influence about 8% of Local SEO.

4)Behavioural Signal How often search users click yOUR business page listing also determines about 6% of Local SEO.

Avoid following 4 items to keep up your Local SEO.

1) Voilating Google Places landing page. 2) Abesence of NAP on website highly impacts Local SEO. 3) Mismatched NAP across the internet for same business. 4) Stuffing Keywords in your Business Names.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Medium business to get Good LOCAL SEO results.

Adding Etsy shop to existing Google Analytics Set Up.

6 steps towards Tracking the Visitor traffic to Etsy Store using Google Analytics.

1. Log into your Google account. 2. Create a new website profile for Etsy Shop. 3. Create and record a new tracking ID. 4. Sign into Etsy and go toYour Shop > Options > Web Analytics. 5. Enter your Google Analytics Web Property ID in this format: UA-XXXXXXX-X. 6. Click Save.

All set. Measure the Analytics.

By Sunil Datar Google+ If you find any difficulty to set up the etsy shop analytics, feel free to get in touch.











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