Best Way to Learn Google Analytics is to Learn One On One.

I am a Internet marketing Specialist from Toronto/Mississauga and can get you started with understanding Google Analytics very well.

Google Analytics can be overwhelming when you look at it for the first time or you Look at it without understanding. Finally you will start hating it.:-(

I can help you understand following within Google Analytics and you can be independent and confident at working on Google Analytics. Please Email me if you are interested. My course is one on one and i provide self made material which is very easy to understand. My teaching material and notes are unlike Google or other complex notes.

Training starts on 10th  January 2014. Venue: Your place. Total Days Training: 3 Total Hours Teaching :3.0 to 3.5  hours in a day. Fees: $650 only.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or course contents.

Email: By Sunil Datar Google+

Adding Etsy shop to existing Google Analytics Set Up.

6 steps towards Tracking the Visitor traffic to Etsy Store using Google Analytics.

1. Log into your Google account. 2. Create a new website profile for Etsy Shop. 3. Create and record a new tracking ID. 4. Sign into Etsy and go toYour Shop > Options > Web Analytics. 5. Enter your Google Analytics Web Property ID in this format: UA-XXXXXXX-X. 6. Click Save.

All set. Measure the Analytics.

By Sunil Datar Google+ If you find any difficulty to set up the etsy shop analytics, feel free to get in touch.











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