How to Optimize a Landing Page

Landing Page Optimization (How to and Tips)

When you have a website. You definitely have a Contact form or a specific page on your website that performs certain activities of fulfills a certain goal.
Example: A contact form (This form needs to be filled in by someone who lands here). This generates a business lead.

There are times when the page where a visitor lands is not doing its determined task. In this case visitors are not filling in the form. Hence no business leads are generated. This directs us to address this situation where we need to make certain changes in the Landing page so the visitors when land on the page perform the task and goal completes.

Tip on Optimizing a Landing page:

1) Send visitors to specific targetted pages.

2)Provide your visitors a coherent experience.

3)Make sure your visitors know where on the website they are.( Something like sitemap – Breadcrumb Navigation)

4)Segment your User / traffic

5)Be sure the Landing Page has only necessary content. Not too confusing and uncluttered.

6) Keep Least reading on the Landing page. And come to the point in short and sweet way.

7) Be above the fold.

8) Maintain Congruence
Make sure every element on the page maintains Congruence towards goal.

9)Enable Sharing of this page on social media.

10) Show a address or Phone # on landing page.
This shows that your organisation is legitimate.

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