Once You verify and claim the Google Places page for a business, the next step is to get good and legitimate feedback and reviews for your Places.

To do this you may want to send the Direct Link of Google Places review page to your clients. That will make it easy for you to get more reviews and for clients to write reviews on google places.

Follow the steps below

  1. Find your business in Google Places
  2. Get the CID from the URL
  3. Create a URL like this: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=6368790565615994253&dtab=2&action=openratings

Once you have this link, you can share it with your best customers. It will take them directly to your review page and make it easy for them to leave you a review in Google Places.

Thats all , it was as simple as 1, 2, 3.

If you face any difficulties in performing the steps outlined please feel free to contact me.

Get in touch with me now to make sure your website follows the SEO principles and Guidelines.Email: info@sunil.ca By Sunil Datar Google+

101 SEO Tips need to Apply. (Must Apply SEO Principles)

1)Keyword Analysis Analyse the Keywords using Keyword Analysis Tools. Choose the Keywords That have more Search. Use these keywords within your content.

2)Use H2 / H1 tags to mark important topics.

4)Do not stuff in Keywords. There is no specific ratio given by Google according Matt Cutts. But if you over use it , Google may consider it as spam.

5) Use Alt Tags on your Images. Its useful for Image Search.

6)Use Key Phrases in your Hyperlinks instead www.thedomainname.com

7)No SEO means No Visitor traffic from Search Engines.

8)Do Onsite as well as Offsite SEO.

9)Know the Search engine Algorithm updates and how they affect websites. Make appropriate changes within your websites to adapt.

10) Follow Google webmaster guidelines. If you find it difficult Hire a SEO Consultant.

11)Use PPC along with Organic SEO. Or else you would be missing a big chunk of Visitors to your website. You may Hire a Adwords Professional.

12)Do not use Duplicate Content on website or copy from other website.

13)Make sure your content is good enough to be on First page.

14) Make use of Meta Title and Meta Descriptions for seo. Please do this appropriately.

15)Use Long Tail keywords as they are Good source of Targetted Traffic which can converty.

16) …

17) …

. . . 101) Well If i disclose all of these i would no longer be a good businessman. Get in touch with me now to make sure your website follows the SEO principles and Guidelines.

Email: info@sunil.ca By Sunil Datar Google+ I am based in Toronto and Help Small Medium business to get Good SEO results.

Website Assessment Why How and Factors :

Is your website not visible on Search Engines at all or for specific Keywords and Key phrases? Why does your website not get enough traffic or sales. If that’s what your questions are regarding your online presence, then its time to get a website assessment. Well its also a very good idea to get it done at least twice a year to stay ahead of competition.

Here is a small list of factors to look for..

  • Make sure your potential customers expectations are met. If the reason why the clients come to the website are not met then there the chances of having them converted is really Low.
  • Have Social media (Facebook / Youtube / Picture Gallery) icons places. Social media generates Sales.
  • Easy to Understand. Make sure the website is easy to understand and does not have unnecessary clutter which can confuse visitors.
  • Your website should Encourage Interactivity.
  • If your website has Online Shopping  / e-commerce, make sure its functional and the checkout process is simple and short.
  • Speed of website should be fast. If links don’t open up quickly there might be some issues.
  • Easy and Efficient navigation is a major factor in website Architecture. If your website is Huge, make sure your visitors know where they are (category or page) at any point of time.
  • W3C standards must be followed.
  • The Website assessment may involve user surveys, comparing similar websites and also technical assessment.

Well explaining entire website assessment is beyond the scope of the blog.

Do feel free to contact me if you need any assistance in getting the Professional website Assessment done. Email: info@sunil.ca

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Structured Data in terms to Search engines and Websites refers to formatting the information on website/webpage in a way that a Search Engine Understands. The Major Search engines such as Google / Yahoo / Bing use the Structured Data to filter the search results and display relevant results based on search queries. This gives the users the result they are really looking for and creates a good user experience.

All webpages have a specific meaning and reason to be up there on a website. Search engines are intellegent but they are not humans and hence they have a limited understanding of the content it finds on a web page.

For example: Consider an word “plane”. We can understand by the context of web page what the word plane means. If it means an Air Plane or a Flat surface. But the Search engine can not interpret the actual meaning in this context. Hence the search engine may not display relevant result for a query with word plane. Hence we use Structured Data Markup on web page for explaining the search engines what the context is all about.

You can use the Google Webmasters Tools to create the markup but has its own limitations as there are over 100′s of caregories to choose from but google has about 10 Categories only. https://www.google.com/webmasters/

I can help you create structured data markup on your website.  I am an expert in Creating Structured Data markup from Toronto / Mississauga.

Get in touch with me at Email: info@sunil.ca

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Landing Page Optimization (How to and Tips)

When you have a website. You definitely have a Contact form or a specific page on your website that performs certain activities of fulfills a certain goal. Example: A contact form (This form needs to be filled in by someone who lands here). This generates a business lead.

There are times when the page where a visitor lands is not doing its determined task. In this case visitors are not filling in the form. Hence no business leads are generated. This directs us to address this situation where we need to make certain changes in the Landing page so the visitors when land on the page perform the task and goal completes.

Tip on Optimizing a Landing page:

1) Send visitors to specific targetted pages.

2)Provide your visitors a coherent experience.

3)Make sure your visitors know where on the website they are.( Something like sitemap – Breadcrumb Navigation)

4)Segment your User / traffic

5)Be sure the Landing Page has only necessary content. Not too confusing and uncluttered.

6) Keep Least reading on the Landing page. And come to the point in short and sweet way.

7) Be above the fold.

8) Maintain Congruence Make sure every element on the page maintains Congruence towards goal.

9)Enable Sharing of this page on social media.

10) Show a address or Phone # on landing page. This shows that your organisation is legitimate.

Get in touch with me to get complete tips and consultation to get your Landing Page Optimized for High Conversion rate.

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Professional SEO Consultant/Expert Mississauga Toronto & GTA

Every business has a website & Every website needs targeted Visitors from a specific city/Niche/Industry/Country/Zip.  I am a Search Engine Optimization Professional from Toronto. I optimize websites to rank Top 10 in search engines for given specific Keywords / Key phrases related to your industry/ website. Ranking top 10 in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) is not by chance. This requires up to date knowledge and experience in SEO industry. There are over a 100 factors which determines how your website will be ranked in results. If major of these factors are taken care of your website ranks in page 1.

Being Experienced as a SEO Consultant Freelancer as well as Internet Marketing Specialist from Toronto Canada you can feel free to contact me for all your Website SEO needs at.

Email: info@sunil.ca

When you see me on Page 1 of Google, you will see your website on page 1 in search results as well. Internet is my passion. I do SEO as my profession. What are you waiting for. Get in touch Now.

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How Google Authorship Helps websites on Search Engines.





Above is a screen shot of what Google Authorship is and How the results on SERP’s look like using Google Authorship. Why would you not want Google Authorship ? Well some website owners donot want to have the Google Authorship done, but there are Advantages of having Google Authorship.

1) Gain More Real Estate on Search Results page. Thus more visibility.

2) Get your Personal picture appear besides results. Your Picture next to the article will generate trust and confidence. More likely to be Clicked than other results. Also personalises the result.

3)Helps reduce and combat Plagiarism When you, as the original author, APPLY authorship markup to your website / web page , the scraper’s will be identified by Google algorithm and your content will be given priority over the scrapers in the search results.

4)Quicker Indexing: SEOmoz published the article, “Google Authorship and the Fast Track to Better Rankings: A Case Study, by Jeff Sauer [February 11, 2013] indicating, “The sooner that you connect Google+ authorship to a new domain, the sooner you will be indexed.”

So there is no second thought on implementing Google authorship markup on your website. You got to do it now. It is cumulative. The earlier you do it to your website the better.

Note: It is very frustrating as the process is very confusing and the profile picture does not show up for naive SEO professionals who do not have enough experience. Its better to do the Google Authorship the right way instead of feeling frustrated.

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Where and Why do we use Hashtags ?

Hash-tag is a word in social discussion that begins with a # sign. Also called a s a Metadata Tag.

Adding # before a word like as in #Rugby makes it a Hashtag. Hashtags are widely used on social networks. They let you associate a Word with a Larger topic or a group or a conversation. It is like adding keywords to your message and making in searchable globally. Hashtags provide a means of grouping messages, since one can search for the hash-tag and get the set of messages that contain it.

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