Importance of Social Media?

Social media is a platform where people connect to each other to share views / ideas / whats happening. People donot come on social media platforms to Buy or sell anything but to share views. But let me tell you that does not mean social media can not be used as a marketing medium. Social media can be really used as a Primary medium to market your goods if a creative approach is been used to motivate masses towards your products / Company.

There are Thousands of social networking sites out there. Facebook, Twitter , Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Social Reviews, Pinterest…. Many many more.

Facebook is the Social networking website where statistics show that an individual spends over 400 minutes a month on Facebook.

Youtube is a Media Sharing platform where people search for videos (Howto’s, Tutorials…)

Tumbler is a aMashup between Pinterest and Twitter with multimedia integration as opposed to Twitter alone.

Twitter is a idea sharing microblogging site.

Let me tell you all the above Social media sites are the starting point for most of the users, as they then move over to other sites by Links / sharing etc.

I am a (SMM ) Social Media Marketing Consultant from Toronto / Mississauga  and can help you and your business to achieve your online goals using Social Media. Make sure to read our other topics in Social Media Marketing section where you can learn how the different Social media Platforms can benefit your business when done in the right way.

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Google Redirects based on Country

Lets Begin with a example: If you are based in Canada and when you type in have you noticed what exactly happens ? Some of you might have noticed that Google redirects you to Thsi is because Google Tracks your IP address and based on your Location it will show you the most appropriate Google search engine.

Why does google redirect you to your countries Google Search Engine ? That’s because Google wants to show you the most relevant search results for all the users and have a great User experience for everyone (Web surfers / Advertisers) and maintain a healthy Search Result.

Well this can be bypassed as well using NCR (No Country Redirect)

Now if you are in Canada as per previous discussion and you type in You will be taken to GOOGLE USA.

Thats what Google NCR is all about. To know more Getin touch with me. By email:

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Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO)

Toronto / Mississauga /GTA

Speak about your Brand and Expand your reach online. I am a Digital marketing Consultant who offers all that you need to have a successful online presence. Increase targeted traffic to your website and attract new customers. Improve your search engine rankings to rank top in SERP’S. Publishing online content and videos on social networking sites / Youtube. Our services exist to help you Build and strengthen and grow your business Online. SEO is a mixed effort. Better SEO includes not just better content, but onsite and offisite optimization as well. Everything goes hand in hand to get your website a Top position on search engines.

Shoot me an email at , I offer Affordable search engine optimization service and pay per click management (PPC) at reasonable rates. I work on Contract basis with companies (Small / Medium / Large). What ever size company you may be i can tailor a suitable SEO plan / PPC campaign and budget structure exactly for your needs and online success.

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Do you need a Adwords Consultant ?

Based in Toronto / Mississauga i am an Adwords PPC Consultant who manages / maintains / Creates pay per click Marketing. Basically a Freelancer and work on Hourly or Contract basis as SEO / SEM Consultant can help you to get a good return (ROI) on Investment on all your PPC Marketing efforts.

Many a times a PPC Campaign is not been created / tailored for a specific business. This is most common problem with the creation of the campaigns. All business who use PPC needs to have a tailor made PPC for a good ROI. The ADgroups need to be very Tight themed. Well there is a Lot to be said and corrected in campaigns which are not running successfully.

Get in touch with me and get the help you need for running successful Adwords Campaigns. You are just a email away from having a Successful Adwords Campaign.

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If you need a Adwords consultant Niagara / Hamilton / Oakville / St Catherines / Brock / Burlington / Markham.

Ranking Organically on Search engines such as Google / Yahoo /Bing on Page 1 requires real SEO skills. Ranking organically in Top Search results really needs the SEO Consultant to stay in touch with Google and other search engines Algorithms.

I am a SEO Consultant from Toronto and i take all my technical efforts in getting myself and my clients rank top in the Search Engine Results. Being ranked organically not only increases your Business but also decreases the SEM (Search engine Marketing) Cost as the potential people who find you are bound to click on organic listings than Paid Listings. The more your website appears on page 1 for your Key phrases / keywords the more the Win-Win situation for your website / business.

The old fashioned way of keyword stuffing / black hat back linking does only harm to your website. Before you hire a SEO Professional to manage your website SEO make sure you know what you are doing. DO NOT hire a offshore SEO Consultants. You do so and you loose entire control of your website SEO. Your website is then treated as any other website. Usually the Offshore SEO consultants do backlinking / blogs and unethical SEO to get you rank in Top. This last only for a brief time and then your site gets down and its is difficult to locate it in the results.

The idea to Rank Top in Organic seo is Go slow and Go with the Google SEO Guidelines. All that worked a year or so ago does not work now and many a things are considered as BlackHat techniques.

For Best SEO services in Toronto / Mississauga contact me.

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Are you Looking for a ADwords Expert to Create or Manage your Campaigns efficiently ? You are at the right place. Now that you can see my Post on Google Search Organically. I can get you there too. Yes… Ranking Top on Google Search is not a rocket science but you need to know the Google Algorithm very well up to date. The algorithm keeps changes and the results may vary from search to search and person to person.

Anyways you have landed on this page looking for a Successful Adwords professional. I am available on Contract or on Hourly basis, I create well designed campaigns which match exactly your business needs. I create and define Adwords strategies and do a Keyword Analysis before designing Campaigns. Please go through my Blog to learn and Know more about Adwords. I blog on Adwords to share knowledge and gain knowledge.

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Sunil writes his personal blog on daily basis  ??

Blog is a way to Express your Thoughts or expression on certain topics / discussions / issues. Blog can also be used  as a means to generate business by writing articles about the products and services you / your company provides (But needs to be done in a effective way).

If you really want to know benefits of writing a blog please read on…

1) Helping People If you or someone you know are going through a situation in life or health or any other aspect of life. You can share your thoughts about what you feel and know about the situation. This may not exactly apply to others but might be helpful. Think about a situation where a parent is discussing about his /her child going through a certain situation.

2)To market yourself as an Expert Writing about the topics you know and writing multiple discussions on blogs can proclaim yourself as a Expert and will catch the eye of a potential employer. This will basically get you a good online presence. To add further more to a simple blog you can do a google authorship to personalize your blog with your picture in search results.

3) Socialize and Connect with Like minded people. If you blog you will get connected with Like minded people and gain social awareness or gain business.

Would you want to set up your own blog and benefit by blogging ? Contact me:

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Google Adwords / Bing & Yahoo PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services Toronto / Mississauga / GTA

PPC is an Online Marketing method where the Advertiser who wants to generate business leads and sales Pays per click or per 1000 impressions generated to the Search Engines. To understand and Learn Adwords PPC may not be so complicated but implimenting the SEM the right way is. Paid marketing campaigns if not implimented correctly may result in the advertising cost going down the drain without getting any ROI (Return on investment) and Loss of efforts and time. To ensure your business generates a good ROI make sure you assign this task to professionals who knows the PPC (Google Adwords / Bing / Yahoo) in and out. You will not only get a desired ROI but also have a Low CPC (Low Cost Per Click) and a High CTR (Click Through Rate) by displaying only relevant Ads for the relevant Keywords. This requires a good Keyword Analysis to begin with.

I am a Internet marketing consultant from Toronto / Mississauga and i help Small / Medium / Large businesses create Manage and Maintain there Adwords PPC campaigns Efficiently and generate a good Return on investment.

This is What I do:

1. Web site Evaluation. 2. Generate the relevant keywords to reach your qualified customers. 3. Write and optimize your Ad. 4. Analyze current cost / results. 5. Determine the correct bid to get the desired results without overpaying per click or per 1000 impressions. 6. Track the campaign results. 7. Adjust the bid, to adapt to the fluctuating bids and maximize returns vs. the cost. 8. Adjust the ad ,place ad variations to get best result 9. Bi Weekly Personal Meetings (last for about an Hour) to personally show and check campaigns with you.

The campaigns I create are not General Campaigns and General settings. They are suited to match your business.

Remember: Your Ads will always have a daily budget and you will never over spend with us. You can be very specifically targeting a Zip code as well if your business demands such a setting for your campaign. No matter How small or big you may have your daily budget, do get in touch with me for a personal Professional Adwords consultation.

Remember I work for you only to generate RESULTS and business for you. Now that you have found me Online , Let me help your customers find you.

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