Sunil Datar: SEO & Internet Marketing Expert / Specialist from Toronto

From a early age , Sunil had an attitude and the Spirit of an Entrepreneur. Selling everything right from Pens, Gift items and much much more. I always had the spirit to learn more and more about the Web and looking for Opportunities. I then found Search engines and from there things took action and i started Mastering Internet and now i am a Internet marketing Consultant in Toronto area and i also have worked as a web developer for over 5 years. I know how the websites and the Search Engines go hand in hand to make the World Wide Web a great place for Knowledge seekers / Sellers / Buyers and everyone online. I would love to help you to Get your Website in Top rankings in the Search Engines.

I am a Google Adwords Certified Professional specialising in Search Advertising but not limited to. I do great Ads that succeed in the Google Display Network as well.

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I am usually glued to my Computer learning and understanding latest updates of the Search Engines. Toronto/Mississauga is my Home and i do travel to the GTA area to help my clients with there Website SEO (Search engine optimization). You can call me one of knowledgeable Internet Marketing Specialist in North America.

Search Engines Keep changing their algorithms for a better user experience. Hence if your website is ranking on Page 1 in Search Engine results page (SERP’s) today , may not rank on Page 1 in next few days. You might see your competitors website taking your place. Well this clearly shows that SEO is not one time process (do and forget). SEO is an ongoing process whcih needs to be monitored to stay on Top. Your Competitors Monitor SEO, If you donot Monitor Your websites SEO, you loose the race and eventually looses lot of online Business.

I thoroughly love and enjoy working in Internet Marketing Industry in North America and take immense pleasure to help businesses succeed online. I encourage all business owners (big / medium /small) to start having an online presence and stay ahead in business.

I develop simple to complex websites / shopping carts (ecommerce) / Web applications for those who need an online presence for their online identity or to sell products / services. I also have a offshore team which takes care of Web design / development work to provide you with a affordable cost efficient and Professional websites.

You can browse through this website to find lots of information if you are here to seek knowledge. I love imparting knowledge. If you feel you did not find something that you have been looking for feel free to contact me.

You can also contact me at
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