Every website has its own Advertising goal for example: 1) Make sale 2) Increase website traffic 3) Increase sales 4) Newsletter sign ups ., and much much more.

Within Adwords Conversion tracking is the most common way to track these actions performed by your visitors. With Conversion-tracking  we can understand the clicks our ADs receive and visits our website receive from Google Ads are turning into actual conversions. This can help is to take appropriate and necessary actions to optimize our adwords account.

We assume that you have access to your web page Code where you can paste a few lines of code that we generate in steps below. This code needs to be pasted in the page such as a ” thank you ” page or ” order confirmation “ page. Why these pages ??? Ans: Its because these are the final pages which are displayed upon filling out a feedback form or after placing an successful order on a website.

Below i will show how to Set up Adwords Conversion Tracking in Few easy steps.

Step 1)








Login to your Adwords account and click on the Tools and Analysis tab. Then click on the Conversions drop down.

Step 2) conversion-tracking-2







Click on +Conversions as highlighted.

Step 3)








Now on screen as above enter a Name and select Webpage option and then hit “save & continue”


Step 4) conversion-tracking-4









On this page that shows up

select an appropriate category, markup language, conversion value, and if you select the option a message will be displayed to the site visitors and this can be changed by modifying the settings. You can also choose not to show this tracking message to users by selecting the other option “.

Finally click “Save and continue”

Step 5) The screen that shows up gives you a code which you will be asked to¬† paste between the <body></body> tags of the page you’d like to track.

And thats it. You are ready to track your conversions using Conversion Tracking using Adwords. Once you’ve added the Conversion Tracking code to your site, it can take up to 24 hours before conversions appear in your AdWords account. By Sunil Datar

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