SEO for Florist:

Usually a Local florist is a small Local business and needs a very effective SEO to rank well, since there are many Online Florist companies without a real physical presence who spend a lot to dominate to stay on Top Positions. Hence a Local florist is usually discouraged as they need to spend a Lot on SEO to rank well or to keep up the rank.

Some Good Tips for Florist to rank well for Local SEO.

1) Focus on Google Places Listing. Get it well done and optimized. Make sure you get good reviews on your Google Places. Be proactive with getting good reviews. It takes time. Out of 10 customers only 2 give reviews.

2)Make sure you have your Quality Citations for your website. Citations are basically the mentions of your name, address, and phone number (NAP).  To Google, they increase your business’s relevance to and  prominence in a specific city or region.

3)Focus on meta tags and get unique tags for each specific page. Have your pages designed with users in mind  and not the search engines. Dont exceed meta titles over 55 characters.

4)Social media is important for the social signals they create for Search Engines. Focus on Social media for Florist. Get on Facebook, Pinterest, instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.

5)Backlinks from Similar content but authority websites helps. Write on someone elses blogs.

Make sure to do all correctly to get the best online results. Doing it the wrong way may hurt your business.

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