How Google Authorship Helps websites on Search Engines.





Above is a screen shot of what Google Authorship is and How the results on SERP’s look like using Google Authorship. Why would you not want Google Authorship ? Well some website owners donot want to have the Google Authorship done, but there are Advantages of having Google Authorship.

1) Gain More Real Estate on Search Results page. Thus more visibility.

2) Get your Personal picture appear besides results. Your Picture next to the article will generate trust and confidence. More likely to be Clicked than other results. Also personalises the result.

3)Helps reduce and combat Plagiarism When you, as the original author, APPLY authorship markup to your website / web page , the scraper’s will be identified by Google algorithm and your content will be given priority over the scrapers in the search results.

4)Quicker Indexing: SEOmoz published the article, “Google Authorship and the Fast Track to Better Rankings: A Case Study, by Jeff Sauer [February 11, 2013] indicating, “The sooner that you connect Google+ authorship to a new domain, the sooner you will be indexed.”

So there is no second thought on implementing Google authorship markup on your website. You got to do it now. It is cumulative. The earlier you do it to your website the better.

Note: It is very frustrating as the process is very confusing and the profile picture does not show up for naive SEO professionals who do not have enough experience. Its better to do the Google Authorship the right way instead of feeling frustrated.

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