Google Redirects based on Country

Lets Begin with a example: If you are based in Canada and when you type in have you noticed what exactly happens ? Some of you might have noticed that Google redirects you to Thsi is because Google Tracks your IP address and based on your Location it will show you the most appropriate Google search engine.

Why does google redirect you to your countries Google Search Engine ? That’s because Google wants to show you the most relevant search results for all the users and have a great User experience for everyone (Web surfers / Advertisers) and maintain a healthy Search Result.

Well this can be bypassed as well using NCR (No Country Redirect)

Now if you are in Canada as per previous discussion and you type in You will be taken to GOOGLE USA.

Thats what Google NCR is all about. To know more Getin touch with me. By email:

By Sunil Datar Google+

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