What is Local seo marketing and Best way to improve Local SEO ranking.

Local SEO Optimization involves increasing business / website visibility in certain geographical region or for Some geographical Keywords. Googles Local algorithm determines how your website ranks Locally and for Local keywords.

To Improve your Local Search Rankings Follow these 4 steps and you get High Rank Locally on your Search Engine.

1)On Page Local SEO This is first Local SEO optimization factor you should consider while writing your page content. Include your NAP – !! what is NAP ? oKAY NAP is Name Address and Phone Number. Placing this contact information influnces about 20% of Local SEO Rank.

2)Off page Local SEO These are also called as External Location Signals in terms of SEO. Having your NAP in Local Business Directories  like Yellow pages , Yelp, Zagat or in Canada giantcanada.com, Kijiji.ca  can determine about another 18% your Local SEO rank.

3)Social Signals Google+, Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc may influence about 8% of Local SEO.

4)Behavioural Signal How often search users click yOUR business page listing also determines about 6% of Local SEO.

Avoid following 4 items to keep up your Local SEO.

1) Voilating Google Places landing page. 2) Abesence of NAP on website highly impacts Local SEO. 3) Mismatched NAP across the internet for same business. 4) Stuffing Keywords in your Business Names.

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