Today we are going to talk about Google Penalizes Duplicate Content. So, Google has been taking lot of efforts to create a great User experience across its search engines and other properties. Duplicate content ? ? whether to rank it or not, how to rank it, and whether this content is duplicate.

So, Google has been penalizing duplicate content, and the things that you need to check on your website would be things like titles, descriptions. So, do you have the same titles for different pages? Do you have the same URL’s?

Out of many audits I do for websites, I find that many of titles and descriptions of the URLs are exactly same. Okay, you can not have that. So, as an example, if you have “I love watching x-factor everyday” on three different pages as the same title, and the URL’s “I love watching x-factor everyday page 1,” “I love watching x-factor everyday page 2″ with the same description, that is duplicate content. You have got the same article on the same page. You have the same title. You almost have the same URL and the same description. It is duplicate content on your own website.

Be sure that your pages will be penalised. Read more here…

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