What are Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and How they win over Adwords and Oranic Listings ?

Do a google search for any product. Lets do a search for “Buy Lcd Tvs” See what results are shown below image.









The Google Ads occoupy more space on the Search results page (SERP’s) over 75% page space of what you see initially. You will notice that the commercial google ads on top (Top Ads) and Image Ads on right hand side are getting most of the attention than the organic results, and the Image Ads get more attention than the PPC Ads.

If you scroll down the page then you get to see the organic listings. The Image ads that you see are called as the (PLA’s) Product Listing Ads. They are very compelling because of the information they provide. The info displayed is The name of product, image & PriceĀ  and where they can order it from.

The PLA’s (Product listing Ads) make it very simple for the searchers who are at the end of the buying cycle (especially research phase)and know what they really want, and because the Ad shows exactly what the people are looking for they are more likely to convert when they click on the PLA.

So all online businesses should remember your competitors have PLA’s in place and if you dont have Product Listing Ads for your online ecommerce business you are definately loosing out the customers and conversions. So get your PPC consultant to act quickly and run the PLA’s now.

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