Ranking Organically on Search engines such as Google / Yahoo /Bing on Page 1 requires real SEO skills. Ranking organically in Top Search results really needs the SEO Consultant to stay in touch with Google and other search engines Algorithms.

I am a SEO Consultant from Toronto and i take all my technical efforts in getting myself and my clients rank top in the Search Engine Results. Being ranked organically not only increases your Business but also decreases the SEM (Search engine Marketing) Cost as the potential people who find you are bound to click on organic listings than Paid Listings. The more your website appears on page 1 for your Key phrases / keywords the more the Win-Win situation for your website / business.

The old fashioned way of keyword stuffing / black hat back linking does only harm to your website. Before you hire a SEO Professional to manage your website SEO make sure you know what you are doing. DO NOT hire a offshore SEO Consultants. You do so and you loose entire control of your website SEO. Your website is then treated as any other website. Usually the Offshore SEO consultants do backlinking / blogs and unethical SEO to get you rank in Top. This last only for a brief time and then your site gets down and its is difficult to locate it in the results.

The idea to Rank Top in Organic seo is Go slow and Go with the Google SEO Guidelines. All that worked a year or so ago does not work now and many a things are considered as BlackHat techniques.

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