Importance of Social Media?

Social media is a platform where people connect to each other to share views / ideas / whats happening. People donot come on social media platforms to Buy or sell anything but to share views. But let me tell you that does not mean social media can not be used as a marketing medium. Social media can be really used as a Primary medium to market your goods if a creative approach is been used to motivate masses towards your products / Company.

There are Thousands of social networking sites out there. Facebook, Twitter , Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Social Reviews, Pinterest…. Many many more.

Facebook is the Social networking website where statistics show that an individual spends over 400 minutes a month on Facebook.

Youtube is a Media Sharing platform where people search for videos (Howto’s, Tutorials…)

Tumbler is a aMashup between Pinterest and Twitter with multimedia integration as opposed to Twitter alone.

Twitter is a idea sharing microblogging site.

Let me tell you all the above Social media sites are the starting point for most of the users, as they then move over to other sites by Links / sharing etc.

I am a (SMM ) Social Media Marketing Consultant from Toronto / Mississauga  and can help you and your business to achieve your online goals using Social Media. Make sure to read our other topics in Social Media Marketing section where you can learn how the different Social media Platforms can benefit your business when done in the right way.

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