Sunil writes his personal blog on daily basisĀ  ??

Blog is a way to Express your Thoughts or expression on certain topics / discussions / issues. Blog can also be usedĀ  as a means to generate business by writing articles about the products and services you / your company provides (But needs to be done in a effective way).

If you really want to know benefits of writing a blog please read on…

1) Helping People If you or someone you know are going through a situation in life or health or any other aspect of life. You can share your thoughts about what you feel and know about the situation. This may not exactly apply to others but might be helpful. Think about a situation where a parent is discussing about his /her child going through a certain situation.

2)To market yourself as an Expert Writing about the topics you know and writing multiple discussions on blogs can proclaim yourself as a Expert and will catch the eye of a potential employer. This will basically get you a good online presence. To add further more to a simple blog you can do a google authorship to personalize your blog with your picture in search results.

3) Socialize and Connect with Like minded people. If you blog you will get connected with Like minded people and gain social awareness or gain business.

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