What is Google Sets ? Yes it does Exist.

By in Pay Per Click on June 28, 2013

What is Google Sets ?

Google sets is one of the Google Labs Project. A very powerful tool most of the people think its discontinued but its is not. Google Sets still exist. It has just moved to Your Google Drive. Yes..You are in Luck…

Google Sets is a Keyword tool which generates similar items by just typing  a few example words.

Steps to Access google sets how to using it.

1)Login to Google & Open your Google Drive.
2)Create a new spreadsheet and name it as GoogleSets.
3) In the Column “A” Line 1 of spreadsheet type “ant” and on Line 2 type “bite”












4) Now Select the 2 rows, Press CTRL and drag it by pulling it from right botton corner as shown.













5)See what happens now in the image above.

Google sets generate a set of relevant words which you can use to improve your AD relevance or Keyword relevance and this helps improve overall Campaign/Adgroup performance and hence improve CTR and Revenue.

By Sunil Datar Google+

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