What is Local search ?

Local search.

The way search engines display results has changed. With the evolution and increased use of smartphones the way people search the web is changing. People are now using Mobile phones and local searches to locate and find information, shop and search for local business.Hence now not only would you want your business to show up organically in serp’s but also in Local searches. Hence we have to ensure that your website is optimized so users can find business using a local search when using there smartphone or mbile devices. Local search is been more popular on Google + platform is a specialised form of SEO that increases local business visibility and improves Search rankings for geographically related keywords.

Google Local changed its name to Google Places

If you own a business there is a fair chance that you are already are listed in google places , even if you have not listed your business personally. Now if you wish to rank well in local search, claim your listing.
If you are not included in Local search just sign up.

What after you’ve claimed your listing ?

Optimize your website with local terms and relevant keyword phrases.
Get backlinks to your site with relevant anchor text. Preferably anchor text that contains the local term within it. Like “Toronto SEO“.

Build up reference in local directories. Ones that are specific to your city / province make great references.
(Note: a reference is basically a listing that has your address and/or phone number like Yellow Pages.)
Encourage reviews. People showing interest in your business is pretty dang important.
Produce relevant content that outlines your products, services and geographical area

Is that all?
In a nutshell. Be warned: although the above list sounds short and sweet it can actually consume hours, weeks and even months. Because Google Places listings now show up in regular search results (for search queries that involve a specific location), all of the rules of search engine optimization apply to getting ranked. Like any other search result, getting your Google Places listing to show up in Google Place Search results is the result of a mathematical algorithm (which is a combination of factors to determine which search result most effectively answers a searcher’s query.)

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