What is SEO competitive analysis ?

SEO (search engine optimization) competitive analysis is the study and understanding of how your competitors optimize their websites for search engines.

You can learn what Backlink Techniques do your competitors use. Are they working or are they not ?
What are the different SEO techniques your competitors use ?

There are couple of Tools available from Raven Tools…
1. Site Auditor analyzes any website for onsite issues. Maybe that competitor’s website isn’t as optimized as you thought. Or are they implementing schema? Find out with Site Auditor.

2. Site Performance compares 30+ key metrics for up to three websites side-by-side. The metrics go beyond SEO into local listings, overall site quality and social integration.

3. Research Central is the ideal tool for a deep dive into SEO data for any domain. It’s powered with data from a half-dozen trusted SEO data sources, including SEOmoz, Majestic SEO and WordStream. Plus, you can create custom Quality Scores to see how websites compare.

Source http://raventools.com/tasks/competitor-analysis/

So before you even indulge yourself with any Paid Search or Display or Social media Campaigns make sure you have the SEO Website Competitive Analysis done.

By Sunil Datar Google+

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