What is Structured Data Markup and why do we need it on website?

Structured Data in terms to Search engines and Websites refers to formatting the information on website/webpage in a way that a Search Engine Understands. The Major Search engines such as Google / Yahoo / Bing use the Structured Data to filter the search results and display relevant results based on search queries.
This gives the users the result they are really looking for and creates a good user experience.

All webpages have a specific meaning and reason to be up there on a website. Search engines are intellegent but they are not humans and hence they have a limited understanding of the content it finds on a web page.

For example:
Consider an word “plane”. We can understand by the context of web page what the word plane means. If it means an Air Plane or a Flat surface. But the Search engine can not interpret the actual meaning in this context. Hence the search engine may not display relevant result for a query with word plane. Hence we use Structured Data Markup on web page for explaining the search engines what the context is all about.

You can use the Google Webmasters Tools to create the markup but has its own limitations as there are over 100′s of caregories to choose from but google has about 10 Categories only.

I can help you create structured data markup on your website.  I am an expert in Creating Structured Data markup from Toronto / Mississauga.

Get in touch with me at Email: info@sunil.ca

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